Portfolio of Services

Executive Protection and Personal Security, armed and unarmed security guards, surveillance, civil and criminal investigations, background checks, medical canvassing, social media investigations, vulnerability analysis, and risk management, security consulting and insurance fraud investigations.

Security Services – You need professional security officers on-site to handle your security needs, and that’s what The Blue Line Agency provides. Our security specialists will be right there to respond quickly to your specific company needs.

Our well-trained security officers monitor and patrol your facility, ready to respond quickly and effectively in any situation.

We provide regular reports to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your security program and we offer effective solutions when your circumstances change related to your specific security needs.

The Blue Line Agency will be there to protect you and any individual that is part of your company, institution, or facility, while you focus on running the day to day operations.

Surveillance – Effective surveillance conducted by surveillance professionals. Our investigators are experienced in the field with law enforcement backgrounds and courtroom experience. We can work for the insurance company or directly with the insured.

Executive Protection/Personal Security – Blue Line Agency offers armed and unarmed, trained and certified, uniformed and plain clothes security officers, to protect corporate executives, celebrities, and others requiring protection.

Civil and Criminal Investigations – Complete civil and criminal investigations to include multi county/state checks.

Medical Canvassing – is one of the few ways to uncover and verify medical background information. Specifically, treatment date information (admit & discharge dates). The tool pairs nicely with claims indexing and subject statements about prior medical treatment.

Uniformed Security – The Blue Line Agency will provide you with ACT 235 licensed armed, or unarmed, insured, and bonded professional security officers. All officers are equipped with the required equipment to ensure an effective and immediate emergency response time.

Civil Investigation – The Blue Line Agency will provide civil investigations including but not limited to personal injury, vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries. Photographing of injuries and property damage when applicable will be submitted with each written report.

Social Media – In today’s business climate thorough background investigations and due diligence are critical to your company’s ability to make informed decisions. With the surge of social media and online activity in recent years, it is also necessary to understand the online reputation and overall web presence of an individual in addition to their personal and professional backgrounds.

With that in mind, The Blue Line Agency has developed our social media investigations and advanced internet research service to help you fully vet potential employees and business partners. This service can be used to expand a due diligence or background investigation or utilized as a stand-alone product.

Risk management and consulting – Risks are inherent to any system, but do you know what they are? Blue Line Agency experts help you identify your vulnerabilities, formulate detailed solutions and make them a reality. On site inspections, property risks identified and corrected to keep your insurance premiums and overall risks in line.

Vulnerability Analysis – From the front to the back door and everything in between, Blue Line Agency looks at your world and design solutions which protect you and your assets.

Cash In Transit – The Blue Line Agency provides armed cash in transit services that will eliminate employee trips to the bank ultimately lowering potential risk to employees and customers, increasing security by reducing opportunities for theft, and creating a customized cash transportation schedule with cash collections that reduce your costs. We provide a tracking system for all our security requirements and this software allows clients to monitor guards with real-time GPS tracking during cash in transit time.

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